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matheus barbosa

Which one is the priority in order to be a run a business or company?
matheus barbosa


Transformational leadership should be applied to run a business as the overarching leadership style. Within the context of the vision of the organization we should help team members accomplish their goals.

janine dissmore Y1JBC

There definitely needs to be a balance of both styles, the person that can master both and apply it based on the team members abilities and level of commitment, will be successful. If you are just focused on the goals, and don't have a solid team they wont get done, if you focus just on your team and forget the goals then the result is the same, nothing will be achieved.


I agree with you Janine that there should be a balance of these styles of leadership

Cynthia Quinones JBC

Talking and playing out what these roles looked like in class was really helpful to grasp the concept and the differences of each. Each style is very different, the motivation and intention behind it is what makes the difference. Although a team should be rewarded for the hard work they put in. Their motivation for doing the hard work should not be for the reward.

To be honest it it hard to not be goal oriented. The nonprofit organization I work for is a ministry and it is also a mental health state funded organization. I manage a group home for teenage boys struggling with addiction. And many times it is difficult when we have 6 teenage boys to watch and fulfill our daily duties and not be task oriented. I know that my staff are important and we all play an equally important part in the daily functioning and caring for our boys. But sometimes it's just easier to be task oriented. Leading and supervising people is hard work. But God is teaching me how to do both.

Alofa Pomele

Both styles work hand in hand! You have to be transparent, without losing the Vision and your purpose! Working both in the secular world and in Ministry, I've learned that "Balance" is vital! You have to wear both hats "Transformation & Servanthood Leadership" to accomplish whatever God has set forth for you to do!

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